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A strong marriage has tremendous benefits to us and our children. It's the foundation of a stable, loving, meaningful family life. It also fills us with energy and joy. Unfortunately, the quality of marriage today is so polluted, that now some of us are living in lifeless unions. Dissatisfying, distracted, conflict-ridden relationships that make us wonder if it's easier to go it alone. That’s a missed opportunity for us and our families. Married-U will teach you to respark the flame and fall madly in love with your husband, on purpose

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Marriage By Design
  • How to end the madness, not the marriage.
  • 3 myths that (almost) destroyed my marriage.
  • How to change your husband, without him even knowing.
  • How to get the dream relationship without all the therapy, books, nagging or giving up.
If you, like me, have experienced nagging thoughts of dissatisfaction. Feelings of loneliness, not being appreciated or being misunderstood. Secret fantasies of ending the marriage or at times regretting entering it - you are not alone.

However, this perpetual and disturbing sense that you're not living up to your true potential in your relationship is no way to live! In this free masterclass you will take the first step to creating marriage that fills you with energy and desire.
No, you don't "need therapy".
No, there's nothing "wrong" with him.
No, he isn't like "another child".
You just need the skills. So here they are.
Married-U University
Modern Marriage Mastered
Learn the marriages skills you need to unleash the power couple you know (or hope!) you have inside you.
It's time to become the lovers, friends, partners and coparents you always dreamed you would be.
"When I joined, I was ready to give up on my marriage.
Today my marriage has had a complete overhaul!
It's practically a different marriage altogether."
- Chelsea
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"You have helped me create a dream relationship with my spouse."

- Amina
Avital Schreiber Levy is the founder of Hi Fam and a mother of five who has guided parents from over 100 countries around the world to build a strong family culture- starting with a passionate, lifelong marriage. 
Combatting today's culture of resentment, competition and transactional relationships - Avital offers a roadmap to guide women who want to build a lifelong romance with their partner.

Known for her pragmatic approach, her tough love wisdom and her belief that meaning begins at home: Avital is helping today's parents to take back the helm of their home and form an intentional family culture that blends ancient wisdom with modern living.

She is best known for her work passionately helping families to reclaim the lost art of play, to design a purposeful home life and to strengthen the relationship between the parents. Avital has led retreats internationally, spoken on stages around the world, hosts a show with over 6 Million views, and is frequently featured as an expert on such platforms as Marie Forleo, Huff Post, Mindvalley, Motherly, and The New York Times.

  • I have seen a huge transformation in our relationship. Just yesterday I was looking at my husband with curiosity and love. We talk a lot, we are connecting way more, we're spending a lot of time together, we help each other... we are complete partners now.


  • "If you want to help your marriage and you want to be the best parent you can, this encompasses all of it. You deserve that joy and that transformation. It’s a no-brainer."

    - Meridith

  • "It’s been about 4 or 5 months now and we rarely have conflicts anymore. The transformation is so powerful, it’s impacted the quality of all of our lives."

    - Jeanette

"The best thing I've done for myself and my family."

- Jessica

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